Out with the old, in with the new.

Hello Friends,

After over 17 months since my last post, I’ve finally decided to start my new blog, with the newly updated, completely transformed website soon to be unveiled in all its glory!  I’ve missed being able to document this part of my life, but with so many hiccups here and there, wanted to wait for the right timing.  With the forthcoming album and some new developments in the works, I’m excited to bring the latest.

So now here I sit, feeling a little like I’m beginning a Christmas card entry and catching you all up, except we’re just past July.  Subtract the strategically placed photos (where we all want to make sure we look flawless) and accomplishments of the past year, and here’s what I’ll do:

  • Give details on everything related to the album as an indie musician with my own label as they unfold
  • Have information with my new partners in our ongoing campaign to fight human trafficking and child sex trafficking
  • Candid musings in general…whatever tickles me, inspires me, angers me, or just info I’ve GOT to share

You’ll find as the blog transforms from my previous writing presentation, the actual design will as well.  Thanks to the fabulously talented work of KBVisual, you’ll not only see the new website soon, but the blog will visually transform as blog posts are added.

Oh, and since the tone of this new blog will be different, feel free to check out the old blog if you want to read any past musings.